Joyce Townsend

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I have had two abortions but I usually only told of one. I used to not talk about the pregnancy that resulted from a rape when I was 17 because people would give me sympathy and tell me that one was OK. But, the abortion I had because I couldn’t afford a child was somehow […]

Melissa Thrailkill

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I have never shared my story for a couple of reasons. One, as an attorney, I’ve had to be careful about separating my professional from my personal. That fear that somehow that’s the one thing people out there will hold onto about myself created some fear that my professional life could be hurt. The second […]

Aimee Arrambide

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For a long time, I felt inauthentic — because, as someone who works for reproductive justice and reproductive rights, I had never told my abortion story. Even though my own father was an abortion provider in Texas for 25 years, and I work specifically on or advocating for proactive abortion rights policies, I had never […]

Zoraima Pelaez

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As a first-generation American growing up in poverty, I never expected to go to college. It wasn’t until I started to excel in my career as a hairstylist and makeup artist that I gained the courage and confidence to return to community college and pursue my education. Shortly after returning to school I learned that […]